We Help You Create You

The Best Measurement of Health & Wealth
in any Community,
is The Diversity of its Artists,
and Its Public Art.

These workshop and programs are
' Rites of Passage '
Akin to Manhood rites, and Womanhood rites,
no longer part of Modern Life.

We Empower Full Self-Expression Personally,
and in all our Communities,
as a way of life.

Our Guiding Principle


  1. Always Reveals Truth

produced this Nonprofit,

whose purpose is:  

Empower Self-Actualization, Personally and Communally Via the Arts.

Artists of all stripes are invited to participate in one or all of our programs,

Humans @ Risk / Always / Reveals / Truth – Workshops,

SLO Forbidden Zone – Forbidden Wall – Stage 9 – Band on The Roof – Art-chitectural i-Modernari – You can Do Art Here

Why ? 

We believe the Seeds of Personal Self-Expression,  Self-Actualization, and Self-Transcendence

are Sewn, Nurtured, Grown, and Reaped first,

in the crucible of Aloneness.


Magnificently Tempered Strong and Honed Sharp

by Standing Uniquely Personally True, in the Gauntlets of Display,

before the Gods and Mankind.

saying, Yes, I made this __________.

We believe Providing Personal Singular Truth,

Sowing, and Reaping Harvest

 as Fruitful Nurture to others,

both outside and inside what the political worlds / Mitote /

 and  Social Worlds /  Maya  / consider, forbidden,

with Works of Art and Life Experiences

open and on display

outside the symbols, language, and ethos that enslave,

we each, like a Phoenix,

 as honored individuals and productive members of a community

rise out of the mythos of the ancient worlds ashes,

that no longer serves


to help Create a New Mythos of freedom

to be, to go, to do

as a fully Self-Actualized Human

alone / together,

for this

here and now.


You can change your life and the community for the better.