Always Workshop

This is a personal, one-on-one workshop

that brings you powerfully and sensorially into the present.

Michael creates a safe space for you to be open,

access and act on the voices,

the feelings, and the knowingness’ that have always been available but have gone unnoticed

 or ignored in every moment of your life.

No longer locked within you,

the ideas and feelings, the caged personas within,

reveal themselves tangibly and viscerally on the canvas.

Discussions while painting, or after the painting is complete,

empowers continued access to what has always been available to build your life with.

You’ll go home with the canvas, what we like to call a Rorschach Snapshot

of where you are at that point in time.

The canvas from its naked abyss like emptiness,

all the way to completion is digitally photographed throughout the process,

creating visceral, tangible proof to yourself and others of

your ability to be the magical and unique gift to the world

that you are

in all arenas of your life.

The ALWAYS Workshop is a three to six hour adventure.


One – 3 foot by 4 foot canvas, minimum.

The bigger the canvas, the larger the portal.
Oil paint, not acrylic.

This workshop begins with your going to an art supply house.

Go to the stretched canvases and pick the largest canvas that scares you.

Before you go to the Oil Paint area, go in the restroom, and get some paper towel.

Then, go to the oil paint. Not the acrylic paint. The colors on the labels are not the colors of the paint.

Open the lid. Look at the paint. Touch it with the tip of your finger.

This provides you with a sense of the color, and what paint/emotion feels like,

This begins your intimate connection to the paint itself. 

Use the paper towel to clean your finger.

Pick all the colors that speak to you,

especially the ones that you resist.

The ones that say no, not me to you are the ones that your fear hides behind.

If you can muster the wherewithal buy several of those!

Listen to yourself,

buy the colors and the quantity that your intuition tells you to use,

plus a tube of white and a tube of black.

Brushes, other tools, and solvents will be provided by us.

You can change your life and the community for the better.