Band on The Roof

A Magical opportunity

@ dwellinart

that gave bands in the San Luis Obispo Community

who had up to this point mostly played House Concerts,

a Venue to Participate in the San Luis Obispo County Art Councils Program,

‘ Art After Dark ‘


Local bands and comedians

cut their chops, playing out in the open 

before the Gods and The Community on

San Luis Obispo’s Main Drag

Higuera St.


The Band on The Roof Team.

Pickles, our ‘Event Demon’ – Shea, Our ‘Sound Warrior’

Michael, the ‘Big Daddy’ – Monique, our ‘Alien Panthera ‘

Circa 2019-2020, 

dwellinart Studio / Gallery 

When we make it happen again!

All personas and their communities are welcome.

Musicians, Poets, Comedians, Plays, Spoken Word, Weddings,

Add Infinitum.

207 Higuera St. Was such a blessing

for me and those who pitched in, and an unrepresented segment of SLO Counties Art Communities.

I call these opportunities ‘ Wobbly Rocks.’ Short term balance points in the flow of life’s opportunities.

Initially it was a one year popup studio gallery that turned into a  3 year balancing act.

As the curious and the brave showed up to find out what I was doing,

their various artistic lives 

meshed with mine.

Art shows / Band on The Roof / Stage 9 emerged

as well as

Forbidden Wall & Forbidden Zone.

All causing me to formalize my ‘ Full Self Expression Painting Workshops. ‘


into a 501-C3

To create a Home Playground for those seeking

Full Self-Expression as a way of Life.

These are the only Videos of Band on The Roof I could find.
If you have a video of bands on the roof please contact me so I can promote them on this page.

Help us find a new Home.

Luna Rain

Band on the Roof #1
Jade and Jasper 

‘ Worms in Dirt ‘

Band on The Roof #3
with Comedians – Aiden Candelero & Sean Rilley

dwellinart 207 Higuera St SLO CA

Shabangs 2019MusicFestivals’ Goddess

Depressed Spector

 A Jake Schoonmaker Project. 
Band on The Roof #2

Our ‘You Can Live Paint Here program’ ~ Introduces A New Local Artist
B A R B A R A _ S I T A R ~ from Prague.

. . . . . . .
Jakes’ new project in 2023 is

Lady Goodman 

The Brick

Band on The Roof #4


Depressed Spector