A Public Conversation about Today’s Worlds through Art.

The Forbidden Zone is an Art Community.


Whose members include individual artists and galleries

who dare create their lives and communities outside the symbols,

languages, ethos, and mythos

that enslave. 


 This is an Art Outreach Program

sponsored by the not-for-profit organization, 





dwellinart Studio / Gallery

207 Higuera St. SLO CA

207 Higuera St. Was such a blessing

for me and those who pitched in, and an unrepresented segment of SLO Counties Art Communities.

I call these opportunities ‘ Wobbly Rocks.’ Short term balance points in the flow of life’s opportunities.

Initially it was a one year popup studio gallery that turned into a  3 year balancing act.

As the curious and the brave showed up to find out what I was doing,

their various artistic lives 

meshed with mine.


Help us find a new Home.