Humans @ Risk

The Best Measurement of Health & Wealth in any Community
The Diversity of it's Artists
It's Public Art.

Humans @ Risk

a commumity out-reach program

Productive Individual Self-Esteem

Makes All Communities Healthy and Prosperous

Humans @ Risk Workshop

Is a free painting experience

designed to help those who are socially and economically outcast. 

It is based on the belief that,


and that through truth, we all can grow as individuals and as a community.

We all are at Risk

of losing something, whether it’s material, dignity, power, or even life itself.

Aart.Org gives

those marginalized and cast out by society.

an opportunity to express their ideas and emotions with paint. 

By producing a personal painting and a group painting, the individual and the community

prove to themselves and the community at large,

that self-expression and collaboration is possible and available to everyone.

The group painting is put on public display for a month

to show the overall community, that individuals from both the disempowered,

and empowered communities

are capable of working together for mutual benefit,

making the community whole,

healthy and prosperous.


Humans @ Risk

Workshop is made possible by donations and grants !

You can make community life better

Sponsor a Humans @ Risk Workshop in you community