Overview of our Workshops Benefits

The workshops,

for non-painters and painters alike

are an educational / spiritual journey, designed for you to accept, access,

and trust your inner cores’ bottomless

artesian well of truth.

These distilled truths are the pictures, voices, knowingness,

and feelings that well up in you,

moment to moment,

in the here and now of every day. Life.

. . . . .

“ I believe living life as fully self-expressed

human beings,

both as individuals and in all our communities

is accomplished by living every moment,

within our own ever shifting, ever flowing

artesian well of truths.

Each of us are here, . . . uniquely designed.

Why? . . . 

to accept, to give, and receive our individual gifts.

Given 1st to ourselves

and then to each other

by taking the risk of being or creating something new,

something that has not been here before

for our higher good, with the bravery to say,


Yes, I Made This. . .

I am __________. 
Michael Ackerman – Founder

Art emerges from the innermost core,

where the constantly burning crucible of an individual’s experience has already

burned out the dross.

Art created from this lifelong artesian well is the most powerful,

human / spiritual / material expression.

This is why Art endures all epochs and is the prize

in all archaeological digs.



ART Always Reveals Truth.


When your way of life is constantly tapped into your distilled truth,

there is no dross in your life.

You become free to create tangible objects, activities,

and relationships that are mutually beneficial.


The canvas, the paint, the colors, and the forms are a simple portal,

that reveals a universal sensorial language easily understood by all,

without limitations,

that we all can speak understand

and connect to each other with.


These workshop are a rites of passage.
Akin to Manhood rites, and Womanhood rites,
no longer part of Modern Life.


We provides an unparalleled venue of self-exploration in a powerful

yet safe space for individuals,

couples, groups, including schools, business’

and corporate constructs.

The Process:

Colors, shapes, forms, and textures Reveal

the painter’s Truth with metaphors and abstracts

that have Always been available within.

The painter’s personal sensorial experience while painting,

coupled with discussion,

either as the images are being created

or after the painting is complete,

extends the painter’s awareness.

This transformational awareness and acceptance,

sets in motion personal power to access the entire range

of being human and more importantly,

the ability to express the unexplored, unallowed,

and unlived regions of life.

Each painting is a Rorschach snapshot of where the

 individual is at that precise moment.

At the completion of this process,

the painter goes home with the painting, as well as the

photographic sequence of their experience.

The painting is tangible evidence of their own deeper self in action,

demonstrating their ability to fill the empty void of the canvas

as a metaphor for life itself,

and as personal proof of their unadulterated

full self-expression

for all to see.

As time unfolds, this portal to the artesian well of deeper knowing

remains open, . . . providing the participants

with greater access to expressing themselves

fully in all phases of life.

Knowing . . . Expressing . . .  and being . . . 

who you are as an individual . . . 

and who you are in your communities . . .



Workshops take place individually in the studio

or at designated locations where groups

can come together to personally and collectively

to create the vision and the fusion of

self-expressed energy through the

“ Power of the Paint.”

The “Humans at Risk Workshop”

also at designated locations,

aligns with existing social programs

for the disadvantaged and socially challenged,

creating elevated self-esteem, and self-empowerment,

as well as personal recognition of being

a valued part of the community,

an experience greatly needed in our current times of challenge,

and adversity for those who are

marginal in our culture.


We have rapidly and effectively initiated individuals

into the greater world of personal power

through full self-expression

so that each individual’s gifts

may be recognized, acknowledged, and shared

with families, friends, and the community. 

Demonstrating the disadvantaged

and the advantaged segments of the community

can co-create mutual benefits

of health and prosperity ,


and for the community

as a whole.

You can change your life and the community for the better.