Reveals Workshop

This workshop aims to help individuals and groups,

such as couples, families, businesses, and teams

fully express themselves in mutually beneficial ways.


Each participant’s unique personal experience,

expressed on their own canvas,

helps them access their Always existing artesian well

of experiential Truth,

while at the same time contributing co-creative energy

on a large community canvas.


The communal canvas constantly evolves as each individual’s

feelings and ideas,

expressed with colors, textures, and images are enhanced,

modified, or even destroyed

by another participant, along the way

to the completed Community Canvas.

The community image displays indelibly how each individual

offered their pure truths,

that may have morphed and became an endurable expression

of how individuals within a group can grow together

and co-create a final result

of any type, that mutually benefits everyone involved.



We recommend the group painting be displayed in a visible location

as a symbol and reminder of the group’s collective power to create

 beauty through diversity.


Each individual goes home with their personal painting(s)

and digital photography of their painting’s progress

as it evolved from an empty white void

into a truth about themselves at that point in time.



A video is also produced documenting the evolution

of the group canvas.

The result is a stronger sense of personal fulfillment and growth,

as well as improved personal and co-creative relationships,

making the community beneficial

healthy, and prosperous to itself,

each other

and the world as a whole.

  Materials fees  

Canvases, paint,  brushes, tools, and solvents in the REVEALS workshop

are typically provided by us.

Cost is by quote, based on the number of individuals,

how many small canvases, the size of the communal canvas, the location,

and related expenses to make the workshop come together.

You can change your life and the community for the better.