Sandra's Always Workshop

Sandra's Always Workshop Experience


My skin burned. I cried and laughed. My arms and face felt bloodless and rather numb.

I felt high.

Felt like I might have a panic attack coming on, but it also resembled intense


Was I contemplating base jumping? Seemed so. The phrase, “ jumping off a cliff”

came to mind,

and the feelings that I was experiencing, were those that I experienced in other

moments in my life of extreme change.


My insides felt on the outside.

Fear was being added to the thrill, and I was turning my gut into water.

My head seemed to expand.


At other moments I felt peace and acceptance of my circumstances and life,


of which I have no control over it.


I felt love for whoever I came in contact with, even my clients


and co-workers who the previous day drove me crazy. I became very expressive and 


told people about my experience.


I feel energized, and sure of what I want to do


and experience,


this was after I had my first art workshop with my friend Michael.

Sandra Lee

Stylist / Dancer /Singer / Animal Rescuer / Kombucha Maker