Truth Workshop

Truth,  Ah . .  Truth. . .


The forever natural personal process, peeling another layer of the onion skinned self-off.

Revealing more current, Always present Truth. 

Akin to Life Coaching.

Being here and now, going forward, rather than reinventing redigesting the past unnecessarily.



This one-on-one experience is as simple as conversations,

more painting, or an additional series of experiences designed to create personal acceptance,

and personal power to act on what currently is bubbling up that has always been Truth held within.



This process Reveals who you are right now,

being with your aloneness, while being in relationships.


The ability to return, fully engaged in the world,

bearing the truth of the current gifts you are,





Materials fees.

If this is more personal painting than the Always Workshop materials and fee structure applies.

Fees for, Face to face, Zoom, or phone Coaching

or other kinds of experience designed specifically for you,

are determined on an individual basis.

You can change your life and the community for the better.