Freddie's - Always Workshop

Freddie's - Always Workshop Experience

A successful professional artist since 1989,

I’m usually calm and comfortable about painting.

But I found myself keyed up and frankly a bit scared when I walked into the “ Always ” process.

I’ve always wanted to go far beyond simple competence and control with my work,

but always seemed to stop short of the final leap.

So I loved the fact the I was about to transform my relationship with “ Always. ‘

Believe me, this Workshop is transformative – and challenging.

Michael’s creation of process and creative space within this experience allowed me to choose to fall

into ” the zone, “ that place where self-expression becomes a kind of magic rather than

simply competent, beautiful, or visually ” successful. 

“ Going there felt like ” going home.“

The fear dropped away, I grabbed my brushes and for what seemed like hours,

simply brought forth what wanted to express itself.

Now, I live with my painting every day and it reminds me of how it feels to work from that place.

Now, my work is intense, affecting, and has the ” WOW ” factor for those who view it.

Being able to work from “ the Zone ” adds tremendous power to my ability to create sacred art

that succeeds in shifting my clients’ personal realities.

It also reminds me of the power of living from that place in all areas of my life.

Alyson LeBlanc

artist / sangoma