Janet's Always Workshop

Janet's Always Workshop Experience

Hello to anyone who wants to touch their inner being and feel the light of that essence come forward . . . 

A journey of expression on canvas.  Canvas, oil paint, music, light and trust were the tools. I had such a journey last week, on a beautiful Monday afternoon. 

My guide was Michael Ackerman, a man I had just met. Painting with oils was a first time experience for me. I did not know what to expect. 

I have always felt that “art” is abound with energy, from layers of dimensions,
and that everything imparts energy. This class was more about feeling that energy than seeing the literal. Oil painting was a door for me… I was a little shy and hesitant to being vulnerable to a person that I had just met. 

I was sad. I had just lost a very close friend, to heart failure on Sunday morning; Billy Post. 

I was feeling not very focused. I was taking this art class because a friend recommended it.
I almost canceled my appointment, but thought “what the heck” go for it.

Life is about experiences. . . this could be “good” or “bad”, just go with no judgment!
So I went. . . I cried, I giggled, I was painting on automatic pilot of sorts. . . 

The experience was not of thinking, but just being. . . 

I love this quote from Richard Moss:
How Shall I Live. . . “To me, wholeness is key to aliveness. It is more
than just physical vitality, it is radiance, coming from being at one
with yourself and your experience. Life then flows through you
and radiates from you.” 

It felt so powerful to just paint and not judge myself. . . Just expression and being in the moment, the now! 

Thank you Michael Ackerman for seeing me and whistling me down the path. . . 

Many events make up our life and this was truly a fantastic event of experience. . . 

Live Art,

Janet Freed