Freddie’s – Always Workshop Freddie’s – Always Workshop Experience A successful professional artist since 1989, I’m usually calm and comfortable about painting. But I found myself keyed up and frankly a bit scared when I walked into the “ Always ” process. I’ve always wanted to go far beyond simple competence and control with my […]

LouAnn Barton

LouAnn’s Always Workshop LouAnn’s Always Workshop Experience The experience of creating the current piece required the rebirth of the same creativity after it had been carefully stored away for more than a generation. There was no fear; the path was well illuminated by an incandescent guide, Michael Ackerman.   LouAnn Barton Business Owner / Artist

Pat Snyder

Pats – Always Workshop Pats – Always Workshop Experience My painting experience prior to being guided by Michael,  was solely an attempt to reproduce the beauty I saw visually, in the world around me, either through nature’s eyes or those through another artist. The second time I met with Michael, I opened to his ability […]

Janet Freed

Janet’s Always Workshop Janet’s Always Workshop Experience Hello to anyone who wants to touch their inner being and feel the light of that essence come forward . . .  A journey of expression on canvas.  Canvas, oil paint, music, light and trust were the tools. I had such a journey last week, on a beautiful […]

Pat May

Pats – Always Workshop Pats – Always Workshop Experience From the moment you walk into Michael Ackerman’s Studio / Gallery your realize the courage and the boundlessness of his work. Through his workshops he is able to guide you through the process that allows you to surrender to that same kind of freedom. He creates […]

Sandra Lee

Sandra’s Always Workshop Sandra’s Always Workshop Experience Visceral.  My skin burned. I cried and laughed. My arms and face felt bloodless and rather numb. I felt high. Felt like I might have a panic attack coming on, but it also resembled intense excitement. Was I contemplating base jumping? Seemed so. The phrase, “ jumping off […]

Ed Warner

Ed’s Always Workshop Eds Always Workshop Experience Imagine a process that allows you to get in touch with the subconscious forces that drive your life. Imagine expressing those forces on a canvas, with paint, brush, water whatever else is close at hand. Imagine studying the end result for days or weeks, constantly seeing new aspects […]