UnLock 2019

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Forbidden Zone

A Public Conversation about Today’s Worlds through Art. The Forbidden Zone is an Art Community.   Whose members include individual artists and galleries who dare create their lives and communities outside the symbols, languages, ethos, and mythos that enslave.     This is an Art Outreach Program sponsored by the not-for-profit organization,  A R T Always Reveals […]

Forbidden Wall

A Public Conversation about Today’s Worlds through Art. The Forbidden Wall is a part of the Forbidden Zone Art Outreach Programs, sponsored by the not-for-profit organization Art Always Reveals Truth (AART).   dwellinart Studio / Gallery 207 Higuera St. SLO CA Forbidden Zone – Facebook Barbara Sitar Watch her work and listen to her thoughts. […]

Band on The Roof

Band on The Roof A Magical Aart.org opportunity @ dwellinart that gave bands in the San Luis Obispo Community who had up to this point mostly played House Concerts, a Venue to Participate in the San Luis Obispo County Art Councils Program, ‘ Art After Dark ‘   Local bands and comedians cut their chops, […]

Stage 9

Stage 9 is a Portal where our collective entities unite  our individual spirits, souls, and bodies, as performers and audiences, uniting our divine diversities, with the serene, eternal serenity, of now. Stage 9 – Facebook Watch Stage 9 Videos dwellinart Studio / Gallery 207 Higuera St. SLO CA Book New Stage9 Original Stage 9 at […]

Nipomo High School

Nipomo High School – Reveals Workshop – Their group canvas has a personality all its own – Michael bringing the kids into the here and now Nipomo High School Kid’s Reveals Workshop Experience See the kids responces to Leslies questions 1 – What insights did you gain about trust, yourself,  your classmates, and your instructors? […]


Freddie’s – Always Workshop Freddie’s – Always Workshop Experience A successful professional artist since 1989, I’m usually calm and comfortable about painting. But I found myself keyed up and frankly a bit scared when I walked into the “ Always ” process. I’ve always wanted to go far beyond simple competence and control with my […]

LouAnn Barton

LouAnn’s Always Workshop LouAnn’s Always Workshop Experience The experience of creating the current piece required the rebirth of the same creativity after it had been carefully stored away for more than a generation. There was no fear; the path was well illuminated by an incandescent guide, Michael Ackerman.   LouAnn Barton Business Owner / Artist

Pat Snyder

Pats – Always Workshop Pats – Always Workshop Experience My painting experience prior to being guided by Michael,  was solely an attempt to reproduce the beauty I saw visually, in the world around me, either through nature’s eyes or those through another artist. The second time I met with Michael, I opened to his ability […]

Janet Freed

Janet’s Always Workshop Janet’s Always Workshop Experience Hello to anyone who wants to touch their inner being and feel the light of that essence come forward . . .  A journey of expression on canvas.  Canvas, oil paint, music, light and trust were the tools. I had such a journey last week, on a beautiful […]